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 14KT Gold Rings: Inscribed Kabbalistic or Wedding RING   

GOLD PRICES are subject to change.

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Amulets and Jewelry for health, protection, success and many more, based on the world of the Kabbalah. Unique rings including Amulet Rings and Rabbi Blessed Rings.


GOLD PRICES are subject to change.




Solid Two Toned Gold or Silver & 14Kt Gold Turning Ring
Product ID:R12

Yellow/White Gold or Gold & Silver Hand Crafted Ring   Any 5-6 English or Hebrew Words

14k Gold and Solid Sterling Silver; available in white gold and yellow gold Size: Width - 10.0 mm, Thickness - 1.5 mm

Letters are cut through the base of a flat yellow gold band that moves freely around the silver base. The yellow gold band is surrounding a solid sterling silver base ring. The rounded edges are done in sterling silver.

Specify a personalized inscription to be engraved upon checkout. Alternatively, we may cast a different set of words to this ring.  Size 4-13

$259.00 GOLD & Silver:      Size 4-5 can only fit 5 Hebrew words.
  $279.00   State size 
10mm 14Kt Gold & Silver Turning Ring $339 4mm 1.5 Thick14KT Gold Engraved Band $385 5 words 8mm 1.3mm thick Solid 14kt Gold 2 Toned $770.00 8mm 1.0 thick 14 KT Gold $979.00 Raised Letters
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 10 mm $1,270
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  6 mm $469   Silver  $155
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Gold Bank 8 mm RG29 8 mm $889 Silver with Gold $269  
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Kabbalistic Saying Number

Kabbalistic Word/Saying

Wedding Saying Number Saying: Here are some sample inscriptions.
K1 72 Names for: Protection, Love, Healing, Prosperity, Wisdom, Freedom W1- "Ani Ledodi Vedodi Li" I am to my beloved and my beloved is mine
K2 72 Names for: Choose Any 6 W2 "Ze Dodi Veze Re'ei" This is my beloved and this is my friend.
K3 72 Name: Love, Happiness, Freedom, Soul Mates, Prosperity, Protection W3 "Ha'ahava Hi Mekor Hachaim" The love is the source of life.
K4 El Shaddai ARGAMAN Maccabbi  Yismereni * W4 "Matzati Et She'ahava Nafshi" I found him, whom my soul loves.
K5 El Shaddai Yismereni Amen** W5 "Ba'asher Telchi Elech" Where you will go, I shall go
K6 Shma Israel, Adonoi Elohenu, Adonoi Echad W6 "Ahavat Olam Ahavtich" I have loved you with an ever lasting love.
K7(size6 & above only) Ana Bekoach Gedulat  Yemencha Tatir Tzerurah W7 "Simeni Kahotam Al Libcha" Put me Like a seal over your heart.
K8 I AM That I AM (Hebrew or English) W8 "Tihye Nafshi Kshura Benafshech" Let our souls and spirits intertwine.
K9 Be Still & Know That I AM (Hebrew or Eng) W9 "Betseti Likratcha Likrati Metsaticha" When I go forth to find you - I find you seeking me.
K10 Any Phrase or Name W10 "Ata She'ahava Nafshi Le'olam" You who my soul loves forever

* G-d Almighty One", followed by ARGAMAN, an acronym for the five archangels: Uriel, Rafael, Gabriel, Michael and Nuriel. and Maccabbi is the acronym for "Mee Kamocha B?eileem Adonai" or "Who else is like you in the eyes of God?", "Will guard me".

*** G-d Almighty One", Yismereni, meaning: " Will guard me".

42 Letter of G-d Ring: Full Ana Bekoach

Single 72 Name Rings

Silver Saying or 72 Name Ring


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