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                                       Cheryl  Glover, New Thought Kabbalah   

Got Amulets?  No?  Well maybe you should.  How could a piece of jewelry, paper or carving change your life?
These ancient words come from ancient esoteric secrets of the power of the Word. You've heard about the Law of Attraction and how positive words can change your life?  Well amulets give you the power of the
Divine word in a pendant, or bracelet to wear upon your person and  keep working on your subconscious. The more your subconscious sees the words, the more  positive thoughts imbue your mind, keeping you positive. Based on the Law of Attraction: A positive mind produces a positive Life.  While an amulet won't magically produce the change immediately, what it does do is help facilitate the change  over time by producing more positive energy and thoughts. The results may seem like magic but it's more like positive conditioning. That will work quickly on some and slower on others depending on how you interface with the amulet.  There are different types of amulets.  Many of them come from King Solomon's work.  He created 44 "Seals" of protection, prosperity, love based on Hebrew Holy letters and combinations from the Torah and the ancient knowledge given to him by the Holy men. He used these in a way to bring about the Holy letters in a combination that produces unique energies.  As a result, he was able to protect his Kingdom and flourish.  These Holy combinations have given us the basis of most of our amulets.  The most famous of these are the Jewish Star of David (from his Father) and the Pentacle.


Other amulets are based on biblical sayings and  symbols, while others are symbolic of the relationship of Mankind, Divine Spirit and the Earth. Whatever the origin, it is best to pick an amulet that speaks to you. The art of choosing an amulet is to pick one that represents the Divine quality that you personally lack or need improvement on. For example, the Divine quality of compassion: an amulet that improves that in you will work on your subconscious assisting you on your journey in compassion. You would be presented with opportunities to improve on this while the amulet's energy reminds you of  your need for compassion (like the Red String works). Finally, we come to the Kabbalist amulets.

A  thousand years of tradition conveyed from Kabbalists from one generation to the next, relates the spiritual meaning of various amulets and symbols that use permutations of the Holy Name, angels and words and symbols from scripture. According to the wisdom of the Kabbalists, man and his divine spirit are created of spiritual letters that transmit the aspect of G-D into this world. The intrinsic purpose of the amulet is to restore these aspects, the energy that man blocked due to his/her non-divine behavior. It also  influences man's actions in this world.  Amulets contain Holy names and should not be taken in vain, nor disrespected.

Some amulets contain biblical phrases that connect to the power of the Hebrew letters. Amulets are provided for connection, meditation, prayer, and to help us change ourselves (restore ourselves to our original divine state) by connecting to the divine energy. They should not be used for manipulative purposes.

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Solomon Seal Pendant for Protection
Seal of Solomon Protection Seal Against Evil
  The protection seal is designated to protect from evil  and guard from harm.

Tree of Life PendantTree of Life  Pendant

Seal of King Solomon Pendant for Prosperity
The fortune seal of King Solomon is a door opener. It directs to the correct path by sharpening your inner senses. Therefore, it is a great seal for business and negotiations, but in general it brings your fortune forth





Seal of King Solomon Protection Bracelet

Custom Bracelets

Protection Seal of Solomon handmade leather bracelet.

Made of soft leather wrapped 3 times around itself.

1 1/2 inches wide. Length for your choosing.

Small: 5 1/4 to 6 inches wrist

Medium: 6 1/4 to 7 inches wrist

Large: 7 1/4 to 8 inches wrist


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