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Vision Statement:

New Thought Kabbalah is a public awareness company that brings the wisdom of the ancient Kabbalists to New Thought Philosophies and provides a bridge between the two.  Our vision is to close a gap between New Thought and ancient mysticism.   

What is New Thought Kabbalah?

The Lost Words:

The Age of Aquarius has brought us from an   initial movement called New Age that was often on the “outer fringes” of society to a more mature spiritual movement New Thought. Both movements challenged Judeo-Christian beliefs, put them under microscopes, tore them down, and rebuilt them. New Age, being more of a spiritual school opened the doorway to exploring our beliefs.  New Thought is a more organized effort at holding to a philosophy and theosophy.  Both believe strongly that the power of our words and thoughts can make miracles, make peace, change lives, and change the world. New Thought Kabbalah is based on the assumption that missing in this belief is the power of the aleph-bet and the other tools of Kabbalah.  Intellectually, we will find that New Thought is, for the most part, synergistic with Kabbalistic philosophy and ontology.  Our vision is to bring the tools of Kabbalah to New Thought organizations.

Kabbalah is a tool used by ancient masters to bring us closer to G-d..  It is a method to raise consciousness using the power of the word. It is a healing methodology, a method of connecting with the Creator, manifesting miracles, peace, harmony, love and prosperity.  Kabbalah, like the book "God is a Verb," by David Cooper (I highly recommend this book): God is a Verb

The following is copywrited out of my book: "Creating from the Soul."

  • To receive God

  • To share God

  • To be in the Light of God

  • To actively climb to a higher state of mind

  • To climb back up again, after falling back down

  • To connect to God via meditation on God’s Names.

  • To receive God’s words, Names and energy,

  • To proactively know thy self, the positive ego and the unhealed ego and to proactively move to the higher level when possible; To strive for this movement on a daily basis,

  • To love others as thyself;

  • To love God, as thyself

  • To be a gift to the world and others

  • To give it your all:  Build yourself as a bigger vessel, and fill up (receive) more divine energy, thus manifesting more divine actions.

  • To embody positive pro-active self and thoughts; Choose not to be reactive. Choose not to embody the unhealed ego.

  • To embody the Messiah within yourself; Messiah thoughts, actions and love; To be the Messiah for others;

  • To be the co-creator of your reality by connection to divine ideas, the “one Power,” the energetic current of life;

  • To be God empowered, messiah in you, positive divine thoughts, understanding and letting go of evil inclinations and ego (the not divine side of yourself).

  • To seek unification with: 1) God, the Creator 2) Shekhinah (Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine) the Shem & the Shekhinah. 3) Your soul: The male and female, the low and higher dimensions of the Tree of Life;

  • Kabbalah is for everyone as it predates Judaism. It was given to Adam and Abraham as a tool to unify the Shem and the Shekhinah (Male & Female aspects of God).


  • The metaphysical knowledge that the Hebrew alphabet (commonly known as the Aleph-Bet) contains the seeds of divine energy. This makes certain prayers, psalms, names, words and letters have an impact to help us create a divine life.
  • Zohar (commentary on the Torah that is a metaphysical document that raises consciousness through connection with the Hebrew letters) by scanning (visually looking at the Hebrew living language);

  • Zohar: This reveals the code in the Torah (Old Testament) which explains the methods and tools for climbing the Tree of Life.

  • Torah:  Using the Code of the Torah

  • Torah:  Connecting with the Holy document that was dictated by God to Moses on Mt. Sinai, by scanning (visually looking at the Hebrew living language).

  • Meditation on:  The Tree of Life; Holy documents, and The 72 Names of God   Holy names of God in Hebrew Prayer Books:  Kabbalistic prayer books (that connect to the Tree of Life) and can be used as a tool to raise consciousness and keep us proactively connected to the source.

  • 72 Names of God:  Meditate, learn, and scan the code that came from the Book of Creation; creates higher consciousness, heals the soul, unites us with the aspects of God that we need to heal and connect to, connects us to the code of creation so that we might manifest proactive divine thoughts.

New Thought, as defined in the dictionary, is a modern spiritual philosophy stressing the power of right thinking in a person's life, the idea that our thoughts and attitudes effect our experience and that G-d (or whatever other name a person might have for a Higher Power) is within the individual. New Thought Kabbalah is based on Kabbalistic Ontology, Philosophy, Cosmology, and Tools, applied to the New Thought principles.

  • G-d is good and everywhere present
  • The spirit of G-d lives within each person; therefore, all people are inherently good  
  • We create our life experiences through our way of thinking  
  • There is power in affirmative prayer, which we believe increases our conscious connection to G-d

New Thought movement includes Churches that define themselves as Churches of Science of Mind with a more philosophical and perceptual approach, and Unity Churches which are based on Jesus as the model of the G-d within. Unity explains that the spirit of G-d dwelt in Jesus, just as it indwells every person; and that every person has the potential to express the perfection of Christ, as Jesus did, by being more Christ-like in everyday life. These principles, in Unity, are applied through the teachings of Jesus. Unity goes on to explain that Jesus' teaching was based on prayer, which to Him was conscious communion with G-d. Preparation for prayer involves the use of the spoken word, the creative power of G-d, which is made practical through denials and affirmations. Unity teaches that repeated use of statements of Truth (denials and affirmations) establishes right patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting. This is one way individuals use the creative power of G-d to take dominion over mind, body, and affairs.  

New Thought Kabbalah’s also provides a bridge back to  ancient teachings and tools. We provide a synergistic methodology that explains Kabbalistic tools that is not limited to only Rabbinic knowledge. We explore and do not ignore the world's philosophies and theosophies.



What beliefs do Kabbalah and New Thought have in common?


Belief Kabbalah New Thought
What you think is what you manifest. X X
You are spirit you are not your body. X X
Reincarnation X X
Prayer is obtaining your higher consciousness X X
God is the creator X X
We are totally responsible for our lives, our manifestations, our results, our actions. X X
 Each individual’s task on Earth is to manifest the messiah (our own Christ) inside them.  Only when this perfect expression of the Messiah is manifested will the world manifest (Christ consciousness) or messiah consciousness. X X
 The nature of G-d is absolute good; therefore, all manifestations partake of good. What is called "evil" is a limited or incomplete expression of G-d or good. Evil's origin is ignorance.   X X
 We create miracles with our beliefs and affirmations   X X
 Our purpose here on Earth is to make corrections to our Karma and ascend X X
  Ideas and our thoughts and attitudes effect our experience X X


Our Mission

The mission of New Thought Kabbalah is to provide ancient Kabbalistic wisdom in the form of public speaking, classes and literature to audiences that are open to the philosophies of new thought. Our mission is to pass wisdom to others that they may find the Creator and the Creator within themselves

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