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Sterling Silver 72 Names Ring Only $40.00  

Custom 72 Name Rings


High Priest Hoshen Breast Plate






Israeli Artisan Stone Flower Star of David $92.00

Kabbalah Power Rings Hamsa Pendant Silver


Silver Wedding/Love



72 Names of God - Love with Crystal in Sterling Silver $29.00

72 Names of God - Protection with Crystal in Sterling Silver $29.00

72 Names of God -  Freedom with Crystal in Sterling Silver $29.00 72 Names  - Happiness with Crytal in Sterling Silver $29.00 72 Names of God - Wisdom with Crystal in Sterling Silver $29.00


Silver Bendel Evil Eye Sale $19.99

 Five Metals Rabbi Blessed Pendants & Rings

Sterling Silver Red String Bendels $20.00


Beloved Bracelets









El Shaddai Pendants


Silver, Gold, etc.










In Kabbalah, Hebrew letters represent the spiritual forces that created existence. There are 72 three-letter sequences that, when meditated upon, can help the wearer overcome laws of human nature by summoning the powers of creation.
Our 5 current pedants are the following:

Love - Hey Hey Ayin

Happiness - Ayin Lamed Malech (ALM)

Freedom - Mem Tzadi Resh

Wisdom - Mem Lamed Hey

Protection - Aleph Lamed Daleth

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 The 72 Names of God