Solomon Seal Leather  Bracelets  $25.00 (back to Store)
9 inches long leather bracelet with 3 snaps option to fit
 5.5 inches (14.5cm) to 7 1/2 inches (19cm) wrists

Genuine Leather with Brass plated pure pewter composition.




Secret seal of Solomon leather braceletSecret Seal of Solomon:
secret seal of Solomon is a seal of protection.
This Secret Seal of Solomon  is considered to symbolize the means of
which the 72 bad spirits were imprisoned in the Brass vessel
and thrown to the abyss.  This talisman will protect the wearer from
 all negative influences and evil spirits.
King Solomon created 44 other seals and all of them has a specific
meaning and use. He managed to
penetrate and understand codes that will manipulate energies bring manifestation.

Inspiration Seal of King SolomonThe Seal of Inspiration The Inspiration seal of Solomon is also called the third pentacle of Mercury seal. Mercury is the closest star to the sun and is called the messenger and the communicator. This seal assists in verbal and written communications and opens channels of inspirational flow. It is a  great seal to have if you work with people (talking), write, or if you are an artist. 

Seal of Solomon Protection Bracelet
Seal of Solomon Protection Seal Against Evil Eye
  The protection seal is designated to protect from evil eye and guard from harm. It is best used when people can see it; it works on the subconscious of people because every soul recognize it in this level.  The 7th Pentacle of

Seal of Solomon Sun BraceletThe Sun seal for Success is helpful is the enlightenment path. It is Jupiter seal and therefore expends, and  makes you remember your motives and by doing so it enables wishes to come true and invite personal success. When visible to other people, it will influence them to be kind.  Success
in business and personal success.
Seal of Solomon Fortune Bracelet
The fortune seal of King Solomon is a door opener. It directs to the correct path by sharpening your inner senses. Therefore, it is a great seal for business and negotiations, but in general it brings your fortune forth





Seal of King Solomon Protection Bracelet

Custom Bracelets

Protection Seal of Solomon handmade leather bracelet.

Made of soft leather wrapped 3 times around itself.

1 1/2 inches wide. Length for your choosing.

Small: 5 1/4 to 6 inches wrist

Medium: 6 1/4 to 7 inches wrist

Large: 7 1/4 to 8 inches wrist


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