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Cheryl's Book on Amazon

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Radio Interview on "Creating From The Soul" book debut.

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January 31, 2013 
 7- 10 PM Florida

Ascended Masters Speak

violet flame

Botanica San Expedito

4047 Okeechobee Blvd
Habitat Plaza #129
West Palm Beach
Florida 33409 

Main Store : (561) 682 0955

Please pre-register

Channeling Ascended Masters Speak on Transformation and Raising Consciousness. The Ascended Masters in this Channeling session will speak on transformation of our consciousness. Raising ourselves to be more loving, more compassionate, more capable of prosperity, more spiritual and more aware.

As always this will include a talk, meditation and channel.

February  TB th:
Radio Show    8 PM
Sarah Spiritual Radio Show
Health, Wealth & Lifestyles 1230 WBZT in Florida or online worldwide  at

Live broadcast in Florida via the radio or online:
Sarah Spiritual Show: Cheryl will be the guest for this broadcast.

Thanks all, see you online.

February 7 to 9th

Soul Readings

Available in Florida

Botanica San Expedito

4047 Okeechobee Blvd
Habitat Plaza #129
West Palm Beach
Florida 33409 

Main Store : (561) 682 0955

area: 7PM email for info or go to meetup
Cheryl's Readings include reading your guides, channels
from your guides, angels, ascended masters, etc. The focus
is to provide  you insight into your soul lesson, learn about
your past lives that effects and affects your current life.
In these 45 minute sessions we learn what your guides or
relatives have to say, your lessons, your reason for being
here. How the past impacts the current.

Not a tarot session, not your ordinary reading.
Emissary Healing 3: CLASS

February  8h 7:00-10PM
Emissary Healing 3 Class

Botanica San Expedito

4047 Okeechobee Blvd
Habitat Plaza #129
West Palm Beach
Florida 33409 

Main Store : (561) 682 0955

Emissary Healing 3



Reiki III Certification: 2PM- 6PM Sunday March ,  TBA 2010
$65 a person. You can pay via Pay Pal, Credit Card,
check or cash in person.
I can even take it in two credit card payments a month apart.

IN 2008 this class costs: $175, in 2007 it was $200.

NOW IN 2013 I have brought my fees down to 1999 prices:

Level  III will also be the same price.
The optional Master Class will be $75.

Reiki II Certification: 2PM- 6PM

Reiki is the Japanese Art of Energetic Holistic Healing.
Reiki Master Cheryl Glover will attune you and certify you
as a Practitioner I after this class.
You must pre-register as class size is limited. Cheryl
was made a Reiki Master by Diane Stein, Author of
Essential Reiki and multiple other books. She has
been a Reiki Master for over 20 years.

There are three levels to becoming a Reiki Master.
This is the first class. After becoming a Level I,
you can practice Reiki and even begin a new career.

You must have successfully passed a Reiki I Class.

This is an investment in your own healing, health and
a potential revenue source. When you attune to Reiki
energy, everything changes.

How does Reiki Master Cheryl's class differ from other
$200 classes: I have not lessened the class at all.
You will learn all you need to learn to be a Reiki I Practitioner.
I do not attune you, however, to human masters,
I ask each person to choose a Spiritual Master: Ascended
Masters, Biblical figures, Angels, etc. to be attuned to.
This means your Reiki is pure. Attune yourself to Jesus,
Moses, Miriam, Raphael or whomever your religion or
beliefs vibrate with.
Be prepared to choose a spiritual master for
this. I can help you during the class if you are stuck.
I can read their energy
on you and help you choose.

Come join us for a life altering experience of joining
the millions of Reiki attuned practitioners.



Check website to see this film: Snake Hill is an independent movie that Cheryl is involved in. Her psychic information is used in the movie.

For tickets and more info, view the trailer go to:  or call

732-275-1235 or info


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