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Amulets and Jewelry for health, protection, success and many more, based on the world of the Kabala. Handmade and unique, 100% untarnished silver.   


Dan Raveh Energy Pendants & Amulets

Dan Raveh  Energy Pendant & Amulets

Kabbalah Pendant Amulets
Love Pendant Amulet Against Evil Eye Force of Creation Jacob's Ladder Personal Power Amulet Priest Blessing
Love Pendant Against Evil Eye Creation Jacob's Ladder Personal Power Priest Blessing

Creates an atmosphere of love around the wearer. more

The Evil Eye is the jealous stares and energy from others. This type The ultimate manifesting tool: assists in the creation The Powerful Letters that created the Tree of Life. This amulet

creates charisma for the wearer. Allows you to connect to your own power

brings protection and prosperity. The whole priest blessing (Hebrew) is engraved

$85.00 $85.00 $85.00 $85.00 $85.00 $85.00
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Self Confidence Prosperity Plenty Luck & Blessing small Spiriaul Growth peace of Mind
 Self Confidence Prosperity Luck & Blessing Spiritual Growth Peace of Mind
creates confidence in all our actions by connecting us to the 22 Letters of  Creates an atmosphere of prosperity & abundance Attracts a lot of luck & Blessings These Powerful Letters connect us to the Tree. In Kabbalah Creates a balanced way of  looking at our life. Creates
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TOL dan raveh  anabek prayer wheel  New Amulet Rings:
winner zircon ring
Tourmaline Tree of Knowledge

Assist to understand every thing happened to us and to the society around us.

The Ana Bekoach prayer
A high power tool based on one of the strongest pray's "ANA B'EKOACH"

This praying wheel contains in itself the whole  "ana b’koach" prayer.

In the inner wheel, only the first letter of each word is represented ( aleph, bet, gimel,אבג  etc. ). On the outer wheel the last line of this prayer is engraved. It is the last line that is spoken at the end of this prayer.

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Read Instructions for the Prayer Wheel  
Happiness Trio
David Star Amulet Happiness Pendants of Lights of the Universe  $50.00$45

The 'star of David" is known for its ability to supply defense to its wearer. to this jewelry cods are added to enhance its power. In the top of the star engraved the letter "HE" in ancient Hebrew

A strong everlasting happiness. 

 Bring feeling of joy and Assists     to see the good aspects of life  

design in  blue topaz,  Peridot,  amethyst

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$55:  Personal Amulets:  (See All)
Tree of Life Raveh Zodiac Shield Livelihood Amulet Soul Mates Protection from Danger & Travel Amulet Soul Correction & Karma Amulet Secrets Revealed Amulet
Tree of Life   Zodiac Shield Livelihood     Soul Mates Protection Soul Correction Secrets Revealed


Pendants of Lights of the Universe