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Our Mission

The mission of New Thought Kabbalah is to provide ancient Kabbalistic wisdom in the form of public speaking, classes and literature to audiences that are open to the philosophies of new thought. Our mission is to pass wisdom to others that they may find the Creator and the Creator within themselves. Cheryl's goal is to raise consciousness: awareness of these positive and negative thoughts and help people create for themselves a better life.

New Thought Kabbalah’s goal is to provide the bridge back to the ancient teachings and tools and provide a synergistic methodology.  Both Kabbalah and New Thought believe that "THOUGHTS", more specifically, our thoughts form our world.  If we have negative thoughts we produce negative outcomes. It explains why "nice" people end up having bad things happen. Our subconscious thoughts or our subconscious negative thoughts produce them. When we have positive thoughts we produce positive outcomes.

History of The Lost Words: The Age of Aquarius has brought us from an  initial movement called New Age that was often on the “outer fringes” of society to a more mature spiritual movement. New Age, began as a search for greater spirituality and is in fact based on ancient wisdom through Kabbalah, eastern religions, and other world religions and beliefs.  New Thought, began as a Western thought movement and manifests in Unity and Science of Mind institutes.  Both movements challenged Judeo-Christian beliefs, put them under microscopes, tore them down, and rebuilt them. New Age, being more of a spiritual school opened the doorway to exploring our beliefs.  New Thought is a more organized effort at holding to a philosophy and theosophy.  Both believe strongly that the power of our words and thoughts can make miracles, make peace, change lives, and change the world. New Thought Kabbalah is based on the assumption that missing in this belief is the power of the aleph-bet and the other tools of Kabbalah.  Intellectually, we will find that New Thought is, for the most part, synergistic with Kabbalistic philosophy and ontology.  Our vision is to bring the tools of Kabbalah to New Thought organizations.                
New Thought, as defined in the dictionary, is a modern spiritual philosophy stressing the power of right thinking in a person's life, the idea that our thoughts and attitudes effect our experience and that G-d (or whatever other name a person might have for a Higher Power) is within the individual. New Thought Kabbalah is based on Kabbalistic ontology, philosophy, cosmology and tools applied to the New Thought Principles:
  • God is good and everywhere present
  • The spirit of G-d lives within each person; therefore, all people are inherently good  
  • We create our life experiences through our way of thinking  
  • There is power in affirmative prayer, which we believe increases our conscious connection to G-d

What beliefs do Kabbalah and New Thought have in common?  
Belief Kabbalah New Thought
What you think is what you manifest. X X
You are spirit you are not your body. X X
Reincarnation X X
Prayer is manifesting based on connecting with your higher consciousness X X
God is the creator X X
We are totally responsible for our lives, our manifestations, our results, our actions. X X
 Each individual’s task on Earth is to manifest the messiah (Christ) inside them.  Only when this perfect expression of the Messiah is manifested will the world manifest (Christ consciousness) or messiah consciousness. X X
 The nature of G-d is absolute good; therefore, all manifestations partake of good. What is called "evil" is a limited or incomplete expression of G-d or good. Evil's origin is ignorance.   X X
 We create miracles with our beliefs and affirmations   X X
 Our purpose here on Earth is to make corrections to our Karma and ascend X X
  Ideas and our thoughts and attitudes effect our experience X X

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