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New Thought Kabbalah Star of David is also known as Shield of David, acknowledging that as with King David, life is not won without the support of the Almighty. The six points of the star represent God's rule over the six directions of the universe. The interlocking of the two triangles represents the top and bottom of the Tree of Life. According to the mystical Jewish teachings of Kabbalah, the two triangles represent the dichotomies inherent in man - good vs. evil and spiritual vs. physical. It also symbolizes the reciprocal relationship between God and humanity. The triangle pointing upward represents good deeds rising to Heaven, activating the flow of goodness back down to the world, represented by the triangle pointing downward. 
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Ani LeDodi Star

David Star Amulet

Crystal Star


Protection Star

david star amulet

Crystal and Gold Filled Postmodern Star of David Necklace (Blue)



Sterling Hoshen genuine stones

Multi Layer Star

Modern   High Priest Blessing 

hoshen idan

  Silver and Gold Necklace - Tikkun Chava (Eve's Tikkun)

Star of David: 14K Gold & Lapis Lazuli Pendant

priest blessing

priest blessing SOD

Merkaba  Silver & Gold $25-$70

Priestly Blessing Pendant Shma Israel Star  

Ana Bekoach Stars

   Silver and Gold Star of David Necklace - Priestly Blessing

shema sod

shema sod

Ana Bekoach Star

Ana Bekoach Star

Holy Names Interwoven Travelers Prayer Ring Shema Gold/Silver Unisex Bracelet 14kt Gold Jewish Star
Holy Names: Sterling Silver Interwoven Star of David Necklace Traveler's Prayer: Sterling Silver Star of David Ring with Garnet Shema Yisrael: Leather, Gold and Silver Unisex Bracelet with Star of David and Hamsa (Variety of Colors)   Deluxe 18K Gold and Diamonds Star of David with Old Jerusalem Motif Pendant
72 Names Pendants Star Mandala Father Protection Pendants   Ana Bekoach Pendants

72 names





father protection



Ana bekoachana bechoach

ana Bekoachana bechoach

egg of life star


key of elijah

Key of Elijah

grace and truth

grace and truthGrace and

Truth Pendant


g-d's words



G-ds words

G-d's Words   Bereshit Creation Pendant














Sterling Silver Kabbalah Bracelet (Bendel) from Israel

Protection against Evil

Sterling Silver Cubic Zircon & Eye Beads Bracelet

This is not Red and not tied around Rachel's Tomb. How does it work?

What it has are painted eyes, a symbol of good luck famed to ward off the evil eye by connecting with the energy of compassion. Use it with the awareness of Rachel, the compassionate Mother.

Only $19.99 on sale now:  Retails for $22.99  MORE INFO



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