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Amulets & Talisman's:

Connecting to the Source

by Cheryl Glover

On my amulet pages, I have this paragraph:

"A thousand years of tradition conveyed from Kabbalists from one generation to the next, relates the spiritual meaning of various amulets and symbols that use permutations of the Holy Name, angels and words and symbols from scripture. According to the wisdom of the Kabbalists, man and his divine spirit are created of spiritual letters that transmit the aspect of G-D into this world. The intrinsic purpose of the amulet is to restore these aspects, the energy that man blocked due to his/her non-divine behavior. It also  influences man's actions in this world. Amulets contain Holy names and should not be taken in vain, or disrespected. Some amulets contain biblical phrases that connect to the power of the Hebrew letters. Amulets are provided for connection, meditation, prayer, and to help us change ourselves (restore ourselves to our original divine state) by connecting to the divine energy. They should not be used for manipulative purposes."

I chose this topic this week to clarify and re-enforce this concept. I also want to explore why people use amulets. Let's start with an understanding of what Kabbalistic amulets are. As the paragraph above states, they contain Holy Names, words and prayers. However, not all amulets are the same.  For example, I can give you piece of paper with a Holy word on it. Is this an amulet? Did I create an amulet? Well not quite.

 Kabbalistic amulets are sourced from the Zohar, the Torah, powerful prayers such as the Ana B'Koach, and the Kabbalistic oral tradition handed down for generations. The more powerful one's are Rabbi blessed (like the 5 metals rings) or written by a specialized Kabbalistic Kosher Rabbi approved scribe who usually has been doing this for generations handed down from father to son. See the Kemiyah that has a hefty price because of the authenticity of the scribe. Another Kabbalistic source is written or blessed by a Kohan (Jewish high priest descended directly from Aaron.). Therefore, in other words the POWER of the amulet is different. If they were made in the US (and some are se Eva Strauss Rosen's page.*) we might rate them as to their power and authenticity.

They might rank in this order:

  • A piece of jewelry that has a Kabbalistic symbol or meditation on it. (see 72 name jewelry & Tree of Life Jewelry, for example). Jewish stars would also fall into this category. They connect our consciousness with the symbol : The Magen David (shield of David- Jewish Star) connects us with heaven and earth and the balance. As a MerKaBa it provides us with our Cosmic presence. As a Star of David it reminds us of our faith in the Creator and our consciousness of connecting to the source. Similarly, the 72 names of G-d, provides us with a specific aspect of the creator that we are emulating. When we connect to the symbol for Love- Hei, Hei, Ayin we become more conscious of being more loving and we therefore attract more love. We connect to the Tree of Life (this is the info page on the TOL), our attempt is to raise our consciousness by connecting with the realms of the Tree which provides a cosmic template of our soul's evolution. Red strings would also fall in this category.

  • A piece of jewelry that is Kabbalistically correct according to either the Kabbalistic oral or written tradition. This would include the Zohar: for example the mini ZoharEva Strauss Rosen's jewelry, El Shaddai and other sacred names, etc.

  • A piece that is made by Kabbalists, Kohan's, scribes, Rabbi Blessed, etc. Kemiyah , 5 metals rings, our pocket amulets. Much more powerful and sacred. These are actually empowered by the Kabbalist and it has more to do with the Kabbalist or Rabbi or scribe than with the actual piece. They are transferring the blessing to you. It is like being personally blessed by a Rabbi. (Jacob wanted his father's blessing.) This goes under the theory that if you are messing up, use an expert to get you connected.

OK, so now we understand the difference between amulets, let's talk about their usage. It is always correct to "use" amulets as a connection between you and The Creator. You may have difficulty and need the energy of the symbol, item, Holy Name to keep you more balanced, in your higher consciousness, connected to the source, reminded that your original state is pure and that your spirit is pure. Returning to that state would empower you to make "higher" decisions and attract to you "higher" energy. What would be questionable usage would be to rely on an outside source as your means to obtaining some selfish goal. Trying to manipulate the outcome of some negotiation for example. Using an amulet as if it were some sort of "magical charm" would be using the Holy Name for personal gain. This is quite different from connecting with the source by meditating on the amulet so that you can raise yourself higher on the Tree of Life in order to have more harmony and less chaos in your life. This "higher" state, of course, would result in more prosperity, more charity, more service, more healing, better relationships, protection from evil (because you would not attract evil) but not because you had a "magic charm" but because you connected to your higher soul and the Divine.

Another issue is that if your state of mind is that of "neediness" and you are obtaining an amulet as a "crutch" so to speak,  you are throwing out to the universe that you are "needy" instead of being powerful. A needy person will not attract from their highest self while a powerful person will attract from their highest state of being. Therefore, an amulet should be entered into as a partnership with G-d, co-creating a spiritual existence. The amulet helps you to remember to be connected and to connect and as such, you transform to embrace life in a more spiritual and deeper way.

Light & Light to you,  Cheryl

*Eva's gorgeous jewelry is made according to strict Kabbalistic and accurate prayers. They are personally made by her. Each piece is hand made with the Holy words.

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